The Bolton Women's Club has been caring for and supporting our community for over 40 years!

Our Story

The BWC is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that provides civic, cultural, educational and social growth opportunities within our town and community. Members engage in service projects and fundraising for Bolton and area organizations.  The BWC provides a forum to meet and work together on friendly and fun projects.

The Bolton Women's Club has been caring for and supporting our community for over 50 years!

Our Story

The BWC is more than a club
 More than some chicks hanging out in a pub
 More than a social group meeting to chat
 More than women testing foods and getting fat.

 It's a group of great women willing to share
 A gathering of females to learn and to care
 Made up of individuals who want to do good
And together we have seen many ways that we could. 

We know in our hearts it's important to give 
To each other, our schools, the town where we live 
As a group we can do so much more than alone 
And we know we are lucky to make Bolton our home.

Annual Senior Luncheon once again a Success!

There were 65 attendees to the event and the generosity of the BWC members made it possible to have a plethora of yummy foods for the seniors. Although we did not have the 8th grade students to serve this year (miscommunication) the Regional Lions Club members volunteered in full force and helped with setup, serving, and clean up. Their support made the event a smooth success.

Dan Ayer and the Bolton High School Chorus were also in attendance and provided a sublime performance for our Seniors.

I want to thank you all for your generosity and help with this annual event. Special thanks to Esa and her husband, Kim, Donna, Carole, and Bessy for carving time out of their busy lives and spending several hours working at the Senior Center on Wednesday. I'd also like to graciously thank Carrie Concatelli, the Senior Center Director, her intern, Angellina for helping with the planning and execution of the Senior Tea.

At the end of the Luncheon, the Seniors Inc. President: Cheryl Udin graciously thanked the Bolton Women's Club for hosting an event that the BWC started back in 1973! She also presented a check for $250.00 to cover the costs incurred and to show how pleased the Seniors were with the Tea. 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held to celebrate the opening of the NEW Herrick Park Playground!

Children and adults gathered at Herrick Park on Saturday, April 27th to celebrate the completion of the playground. Bolton Women's Club spent four years raising the funds to refurbish the playground. Thank you to the community for their donations and supporting the fundraising efforts! The new playground is safe, beautiful and will be will be enjoyed by children for many years to come! 
Our State Representative, Pam Sawyer (center) presents BWC past presidents Jenny Norris (left) and Julie Begin (right) with a Proclamation and Dedication for the new Herrick Park Playground
The Children cut the ribbon to begin what will be many years of safe fun at the new Herrick Park Playground.


Our membership consists of women of all ages!  If you are interested in meeting new friends, ready to have some fun and looking for connections to your community, we have all that and MORE.   Membership in Bolton Women’s Club opens opportunities for entertainment and learning experiences about the many aspects of our community and surrounding area.

As a member you can participate in those programs and activities that interest you, including meetings (formal meetings are held to a minimum), Time Out Socials, Book Club, committees and executive board.

Club members will have access to Members Only information on our website.  You will be provided a login ID and password when you join the club. Membership also includes periodic emails and other communications from members when help or recommendations are desired. Our membership directory is updated every year and gives members ready access to phone and addresses of other members. The Club’s Executive Board leads the direction of the club as well as organizing the year’s activities.  

Participate as much or as little as life allows at any given time, no pressure. Words, Women & Wine, our book club meets monthly to discuss books, poetry, and even podcasts! We occasional run fundraisers as the need arises to support the community. It’s a great way to strengthen friendships and get to know other members. We also provide community service to the town with the annual Senior Tea, working with the PTA and other town organizations.

Bolton Women’s Club is a non-profit organization allowing women to gather together to learn from each other, support the community through service and fundraising efforts and enjoy each other’s company.

Consider yourself invited to join our club, we look forward to meeting and welcoming you!
Jan Carlow
BWC President 2018-2019 

Do you want to learn more about the Bolton Women's Club?

Membership in BWC

Any woman is eligible to become a member of the Bolton Women's Club. Members do not have to be a resident of Bolton. Membership is open throughout the year. Click here to contact our Membership Chair, to learn more!

Words, Women & Wine Book Club

We meet monthly to discuss a member recommended book, enjoy food and wine that reflect the book’s setting, plot and culture. We learn more about what is going on in our world and about each other. When one of our books has been made into a movie, we either have a movie party or go to the theatre together. On occasion, we haunt local bookstores and attend author’s book signings. BTW, when attending a R. J. Julia book event featuring Jaques Pepin, we enjoyed dinner afterward at the next table.

BWC Events

Community Service

We have been funding an annual scholarship for a Bolton High School senior.

Supporting the Arts

Summer Concert Series at the gazebo on the town green.

Social Opportunities

There are also many wonderful social opportunites offered by the club. Throughout the year, the club holds Time-Out Socials to get together and try new activities as well as annual parties and even a BWC Book Club!

Officers & Committees

The BWC has an Executive Board and Committees run by chairpeople. There are ways to get involved at all levels.